Topical hemostatic gauze

Hemoflex package

Hemoflex® is a hemostatic gauze to be used in the first urgent aid for temporary control of external arterial, venous or capillary bleeding. Its main active component is chitosan, a biopolymer with hemostatic properties, antibacterial action, biocompatibility, and biodegradation capability.


Hemoflex package

Bleeding and blood loss are of the main reasons of people death in man-made and natural disasters, accidents and military conflicts. Therefore, one of the most vital issues of the modern urgent medicine especially when large veins or arteries are injured, as well as reliable hemostasis during transportation of the casualty to a medical care unit1,2.


Hemoflex package

Local hemostatic agents are used as a first urgent medical aid to control bleeding of various intensity both in Russia and abroad. The most widely used external bleeding temporary control products are those based on N-acetyl-1,4-β-D-glucosamine biopolymer, better known as chitosan3,4.
The hemostatic capabilities of chitosan were first mentioned in 1983 when it was shown that contact of the biopolymer with defibrinated/heparinized blood / red blood cells leads to formation of a gel-like blood clot 5. It encouraged use of this biopolymer for manufacturing of the medical hemostatic products.


Hemoflex package

In-house researches and developments along with the use of innovative biomedical polymer processing technologies enabled introducing a national highly competitive medical product for temporary control of external bleedings, Hemoflex® Combat Hemostatic Sterile Agent. This took place under the Federal Target Program “Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Russian Federation to 2020 and Beyond”.

Advantages of Hemoflex®

Fast bleeding control

  • Lower blood loss
  • Lower risk of rebleeding
  • Safe application
  • Rapid action
  • Easy to use

Safe usage

  • No animal proteins or clotting factors
  • No tissue inflammatory response
  • No heat burns
  • No risk of embolism
  • Sterile and individual package
  • No specific preparation before use