How to use Hemoflex®

Hemoflex® has a clear application instruction and is Z-folded in the individual package for quick and efficient use in emergencies. Hemoflex® is to be used in four stages:

1. Open the package and take Hemoflex (hereinafter the Product).

The sealed package keeps Hemoflex® sterile until use. Never use Hemoflex if its package is damaged.

2. Unfold the Product and place it directly on the source of bleeding. Make sure that the Product covers the wound completely. Apply another Product additionally, if required.

The Z-folding allows to unfold Hemoflex® gradually and to cover the whole wound surface evenly. Provide maximum contact of Hemoflex with the source of bleeding. Packing Hemoflex® into the wound would decrease blood loss and the risk of infection.

3. Compress manually for 2 to 3 minutes. Make sure that the bleeding has stopped. In case of rebleeding, remove the used Product and use a new one.

After Hemoflex® is packed into the wound, apply manual pressure on the injured area for a short time for better contact of Hemoflex with the source of bleeding. Manual compression for 2 to 3 minutes would considerably accelerate bleeding control process. Evaluate bleeding control visually. Bleeding may not stop if large vessels are badly damaged. This way removes Hemoflex from the wound as quick as possible and use a new one. If repeated use of Hemoflex appears ineffective, use a tourniquet.

4. After the bleeding is stopped, leave the Product in the wound and apply a pressure dressing. Seek medical advice.

Evaluate bleeding control visually; no blood should drip out of the wound. Hemoflex® packed into the wound during transportation of the casualty reduces the risk of rebleeding and infectious contamination of the wound.

Removal of Hemoflex® after use.

Unlike powder and porous hemostatic products, the soft and flexible Hemoflex® Combat material can be easily, quickly and completely removed from the wound with blood clot remaining intact during initial surgical debridement.